3 Eyed Raven Pendant


Brand Acanthus

Look into the past and future and with your all-seeing power, and make sure your story has more character development than Bran's.  

The three-eyed raven is the last greenseer and appears to Bran Stark in dreams and visions, luring him beyond the wall to fulfill his destiny. He tells Bran, who is crippled from a fall "You'll never walk again...but you will fly", a phrase engraved on the back of the raven pendant.


Size: The pendant is 1 inch long and on a 18 inch long chain.

Materials: Both the chain and the pendant are sterling silver with an oxidized finish and diamonds.

Location: Handcrafted in Sartell, MN, USA

Fandom:Game of Thrones

The pieces we carry are limited edition and one-of-a-kind. We can often create customizations and variations on the work you see here.Contact uswith inquires or to learn more.

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